Cross-Course Reflection

1. I am Ruoyi Feng, and major in Fine Arts in Parsons School of Design

2. In my first year of school, I improved my style and learned many new skills that I did not know before. I learned to put different kinds of materials into my sculptures or installation arts. And how to connect research of social phenomenal with my artwork. I think this way of thinking had been made my art become more diverse. Technically, I earned a lot benefit from using Adobe, which makes my works looks  more professional. I had use this skill in almost all of my classes. I usually don’t use colour in my artwork, but I start to play with the combination between colours and materials in an abstract form in the class of Drawing as Fine arts Practice. That was a break through in my first year of college, and I would like keep working on in the future.

3. The two highlights in my first year:

Research paper in Seminar then connect to Studio project.

A.Coming up an arguable topic was a changer for me. Then I needed go brainstorm my project’s idea based on the resources that support my topic.  Then pick two strongest idea that can well transfer my research, and made mood boards to visually shows my project. The actual paper took four time revisions. And I find the hardest thing is to decide the topic. The video shooting cost me about 400 dollars, and I did everything by myself. I gathered all the materials that I need, then rent a studio for the shooting. After I directed the shooting, I edited the video by using premier. Though this project, I learning the full process of how to create a “meaningful” artwork. This kind of experience can help me to work with in a team or work by myself in the future.

B.I believed that art for the purpose of pollution should be seen by people as many as possible without any limit. In this kind of situation, the artwork should connect to people’s daily life, and been seen at every place, at every time, and by everyone. For example, I want to design several products that are close to our lives and can be seen or used by people in their daily lives. Artists can put the idea of protecting environment into the design by using materials like paper, wood, greens, soil, and glass. Then the public will be educated on those products all the time. Secondly, I want to direct a performance that shows through the form of video art. The reason why I want to do a video visual art, is because the video can be played at anywhere, and not only be seen in the galleries or museums. It can be seen by the whole public without the limit of race, gender, age, or country.

Link to the final video:

C. This is the first time that I create an artwork based on a serious research. I learned a good research takes many times of revisions. Art should not only represents ourselves, but also represents the society. As an artist, we should always ask ourselves what do we want to presents to the audience; and how can we use the power of art to affect the public in a good way. This kind of thinking makes my studio project (performance art in visual video art) had become more meaningful and professional.

The foil dress in Space class.

A. Based on the research from the MET. I want to create a dress that includes the elements that I had seen from the painting and amor. How a modern women wear the armor. I am going to make a top/suit looks hard and shining, and a fluffy dress under it as the dress that the women was wearing in the painting. I love the classic french style of the dress and it can combine with the armor; in order, to show a strong woman character.

B. I had a serious brainstorming and tried many different materials before make my dress. Finally I decided to use two kinds of materials to make the dress, Foil paper and Baking paper. I overlap two kinds paper piece by piece. That was the first time I did a wearable sculpture project. And it took me a long time to finish the final piece. And I took the pictures at the wall street in September.

C. I think this is one of my memorable project. Because, I put a lot effort in this project. And the weather was so cold while I was taking the pictures. I transform my idea of women independent into the project. In the future, I want all my projects and words can be strong and meaningful, then reflect the social phenomenal to the public.

4. I want keep working with colour in the future. Black and White can be my style but I should not limit myself. I want to explore my art into 4D, and try mix more new materials. There always things new in this school and this city, and waiting for me to explore.


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