Final review

Emily Feng

I believe that art should be beautiful, and this beauty does not represent as the beauty of appearances, but the beauty of the ideas behind it. As an artist, I have been working with installation art, video art, performance art, and mixed media painting. I believe beauty can be found from anywhere, or represent in any kinds of emotions. I have been mostly using black and white, then create a sweet and sorrow atmosphere in my previous artwork. But in my most recent work, I have been working with abstract expressionism art in colors. This is the first collection that I am pushing myself to use multiple colors. This collection is more like an experiment for me to work with different combinations of texture, material, structure, and composition. I work in acrylic on canvas, generating non-representational, non-illusionistic mark making. I collect the marks in my daily life. For example, the line on the wood, the scratch on the table, the coffee stain from a Starbucks’ cup, the shape of the light, and the skyline of the sunset, etc. The combination of these marks is the result of the unrecognizable beauty in life.

I would like to improve my artworks into a new topic – culture combination. This is my six years in America. As a person who experiences both western and east culture, and gains both educations. I want to use my way to present a culture combination into my artworks. I find out it is hard to define myself as Chinese or American. I think I am one of the people who stay between two different culture. I think art is a tool for me to speak without words. I can become a bridge to connect two groups of people with different backgrounds. I still like to continue my abstract and expressionist art style in my works.

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