Slogen: New York New Lifestyle

My design of logo and icon for the new business district, Hudson Yards, in New York. My idea is to simplify the design based on the floor plan of the new landmark, Vessel, seen from the sky. This new business district consists of luxury shopping malls, fine dining restaurants, art galleries, theaters, five-star hotels, and high-end apartments. Similarly, the new landmark here has become an attraction in New York, both citizens and tourists visit this place. So I choose here as my site, because it can represent Manhattan enough.

My first design was down below, I was not satisfied with it. First, it not simple enough. Second, it not looks modern and Lucuxy as the lifestyle that Hudson Yards show.


And Finally, I came with my design to create bylines with a luxury light brown color. I think the logo shows not only the vessel but also the light style that this district has.

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