Anti-Counterfeit Interview Portrait Currency

My partner is Kyosuke Hamao. He is from Japan so I put lots of symbols that represent Japan in the currency. Starting from the left hand side, the sun as the symbol of Japan. The “一元” in Japanese means 1 dollar (1 yen). The middle portrait are Kyosuke and his brother. In his interview, I learned that he has a profound and strong relationships with his brother and this brotherhood means a lot for Kyosuke. The right hand side of the portrait is a cherry blossoms which is also a common symbol for Japan. The Statue of Liberty is underneath the flower symbol, which is a representation for U.S. since Kyosuke studies in New York. At the top of the currency is the symbol for clouds.  With the bottom symbols of ocean, both of them add up to demonstrate the unforgettable trip that Kyosuke took with his friend at the age of 20.  Since name is an important element for authority, I put down both signatures from Kyosuke, one in English while the other one in Japanese. At least but not less, the four corner symbols inspired by traditional Japanese architecture to delivery Kyosuke’s love toward architecture and his culture background.

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