Studio-2 Final Counterfeit box

My studio final project theme is to announce the dangerousness and serious outcome of counterfeit products. Even thought counterfeit is legally a crime, people do not take it as serious as other crime such as drug and violence. However, the dark side of counterfeit products and the serious  result lead by it.

Behind counterfeit products, there is alway another “bigger” crime. Children labor and poor working condition are the first two crime related to it. If the counterfeit saller do not care about what they are selling,   would they even care about who they are hiring and what kind of conditions the workers  are working at?  On one side of my box, there are crying face represented those children and workers who are under extremely hard  situation.

On the other side of the box, there are handprints and guns represent terrorism. The profit of counterfeit products are huge and it is a “safer way” for terrorism to make money out of. There are unions that sells counterfeit together to fund other crime such as kidnapping and drugs, which as another inspiration for the other side of my box.

The last side of my box is the value of counterfeit market which is 416 billion dollars and the number for 2015 is 1.7 trillions dollar according to International Anti-counterfeit Coalition.

Inside my box, there is a pair of Nike slippers that tap with the name and logo of Chanel to represent a fake Chanel luxury slippers. And there are paper pieces on the bottom of the box. They are photos of children labor and terrorism on those paper.

Overall, I want this box to be educational. People always assume that counterfeit product will only affect their lives  but will stay in their lives. However, the truth is that people are giving the money to terrorist and helping to fund horrible crimes.

Final review questions:

What was the greatest challenge and triumph you experienced on the final project?

  • To settle ideas. I have so much to talk about and express but I do not know how to do it.

What was your most successful project this semester?

  • I think this one. I love the process of thinking about it. It is so much different then my first idea.

Describe a moment of learning during this course.

  • There are so many techniques that I learned from this course. However, the most important thing I learned is changing is good. Many idea might not work out and it is no afraid  to change it.

What do you feel could have been improved about this course?

  • More in-class working time.

What could you have improved on in your own efforts?

  • I should do my work earlier than I should be now.

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