Seminar 2- Learning Portfolio Reflection PostIntegrative

I  am a freshman student come from China, and I major in Strategic design and management.

During the first year course, a very large picture is to explore many different ideas and techniques. Each courses has it own theme. For instance, Time class is more about the use of digital technique while Seminar is more about reading and writing to a greater level with multi aspects. The connection between academic and studio work is that academic is understanding and studio work is performing. The paper or project is more excited when they are related to my major.

One of the highlight is the 5th Avenue story project from studio 1. In that project, we need to compare a luxury story with a common store and explore it from multi aspect. I have learned a lot from that object, learning to talk with different people and observe deeply. Our group worked very well. We split the work and everyone had it own skill and so many professional work come out. It is when I used my skill and what I good at, to contribute to a bigger team. I love this idea of everyone had their own thing they good at and actually the final work is beautiful.

Another highlight project is in my Fashion Profile class. I could choose a topic from my text book and do further research of it and present it. My topic is luxury brand in China. In this project, I was able to do more research on what I am interesting in. I first read generally  about luxury market in China. Then do more research on what I find interesting in.

In the future, I should do more internship and related my experience with what I learn. Also, I should do more hands on design.

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