Top 5 of the UK Universities to Study Medicine and Why?

Medicine isn’t a subject, and a doctor isn’t a profession you choose overnight. Instead, it is a lifelong choice of careful considerations which later become your lifestyle. Nevertheless, doctors are God’s heroes because God bestows them with the power to make a change and save someone from sickness if they practice their profession professionally. Indeed the students stuck with dissertations, simply hire dissertation help to rescue and bring a perfect dissertation to them.

They are the supporting pillars of society, and if you are willing to become that pillar, then England is a great place to study medicine. But, if you have confusions about which UK University to choose for your medical degree, then you are in the right place.

People might say that the UK isn’t the best place to study medicine. But, we beg to differ, because the UK has some of the best Medical schools which offer the best and the most enlightening medical courses.

If you read on, you will learn about some med schools and other universities that offer medical courses.

Let us look at all your medical school options in the UK.

Best Ranked Medical Schools Of The UK

  1. University of Oxford

Oxford is popular for being the best university in England for many faculties that they cater to. But, it is also an amazing university for medical courses. Oxford has a separate pre- medical and clinical course which students can opt for if they are willing to go further into medical. You can also get individual tuitions while studying here.

Oxford isn’t specifically a medical university, but they have hired professional medical professors who conduct pre-clinical and clinical courses to introduce them to the students.

  1. Glasgow University

The University of Glasgow is a medical school where you can learn all about this field of science in a positive and friendly environment. Here, you will get the full support of the workers and patients while learning more about your field.  

The undergrad course of MBChB is created to equip the new doctors with the necessary knowledge. This course is identified as GMC in publication. Glasgow University has created some wonderful doctors working in various parts of the world and to get assignments as per the British university guidelines, students approach do my assignment for me UK because they have the biggest pool of highly qualified subject specialists.

  1. Swansea University

Swansea University is another excellent medical school in Wales. It is one of the best ones which offer the most advanced research facility to its students and professors. The medical department heads the research department, making the university second best in the UK.

The best thing about studying at this university is that if you pursue any of the six degrees offered by Swansea University, then you will definitely get a chance to interview for the GEM (Graduate Entry Medicine).

You can also go for BSc (Hons) in the AMS, which will introduce you to the knowledge and key concepts you require for becoming a doctor.

  1. University of Edinburgh

The medical school of Edinburgh or the University of Edinburgh is included as the major universities in the UK. Here, the teachers strive to make the kids depend more on research and consider it an important aspect of life. At the University of Edinburgh, you can go for the six year degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery (MBChB). After completing this course, you will have the skills and education to be eligible for Foundation Year 1 doctor.

  1. University of Bristol

The degree of MBChB Gateway to medicine is for the students who are willing to become doctors but don’t meet the criteria to enter the medical world. This degree at the Bristol Medical School at the University of Bristol helps students prepare for their medical degree when they become eligible to do so.

The course is said to: “deepen existing knowledge of core basic sciences underpinning clinical subjects and emphasize the development of personal and professional skills.” A statement via Times Good University Guide 2021.


The UK is on the top of the list of places students choose to study medicine. Every year, more than 21,000 applicants compete for just 8,000 seats in medical schools throughout the country.

The students who successfully enroll to become doctors have to wait for ten years to become doctors fully and own a specialty. But, all this is because becoming a doctor is a noble profession and requires commitment, which is why it takes such a long time.

Becoming a doctor is a rewarding profession but a difficult one, and you should be sure to want it before you dive into it. If you are sure, you can go through the list of med universities in the UK that we discussed.

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