4 Biggest Problems Faced In Online Tutoring: With Solutions

According to a recent study on the issues with online tutoring, 82.1% of respondents were students, while 17.9% were parents. While 65.1% of participants had thought about the online tutoring, 69.8% had tried in-person tutoring. The study’s findings so indicate that the majority of participants had had both in-person and online tutoring experiences.

The findings also revealed issues with how parents and kids see online tutoring. This article goes into great detail on the key challenges and myths surrounding online tutoring as well as solutions to these issues.

1. Does online tutoring work & prove to be beneficial for kids?

Regarding the usefulness of online tutoring and whether online learning environments are successful and productive, we had a lot of similar replies in the poll.

When it comes to online tutoring, the main concern that parents and students have is if the setting can be conducive to learning. This is so because a lot of young people frequently watch movies or play video games on technology. Because of the numerous distractions that come with online technology, many young people may not take online learning seriously, or other students may find it challenging to study.

Fortunately, this is a common misconception about online tutoring. This is due to the fact that interactive individual courses delivered online are beneficial only because it has some instruments to ensure constant student engagement.

According to research, students who receive their education online retain 25–60% more information than those who learn in a classroom, where retention is about 8–10%. Furthermore, studies have shown that online learning takes 40–60% less time than in a traditional classroom. Therefore, it is evident that online learning has significantly aided students in developing their confidence much more quickly than in a classroom. Therefore, it is only a myth that online learning is stigmatized as being uninteresting and ineffective.

2. Internet access for device connections and online learning

Other issues with online learning are technical in nature. Some participants claimed that the only reason they had not employed online tutors was due to connectivity problems or gadgets that had trouble connecting to the internet. However, there are only two reasons for these problems. While the second depends on the user’s connection, the first depends on the website platform used for online coaching.

Regardless of the technology they use, the bulk of online learning platforms are designed to avoid connection issues. Before going live, websites employing this software are rigorously tested to find and correct any flaws before being displayed to a customer.

The user’s device having trouble connecting to the online platform is the most common cause of connectivity troubles. To put this into perspective, a zoom call only requires 1Mbps, therefore it is improbable that online classes would fail due to connectivity concerns.

3. Is online learning safe? Are online tutors qualified?

The expertise level of the instructor is another issue with tutoring in general. The history of online instructors and their subsequent experiences make many learners and students leery.

However, it is crucial to remember that online tutoring services like Sherpa have tight procedures to guarantee that the private teachers who apply follow the requirements. For instance, DBS checks are done on prospective tutors to establish whether they have any criminal histories. Check a tutor’s biography on online tutoring sites to determine whether they have provided their DBS in order to ensure that they are a trustworthy hire with no criminal history.

All instructors who work with online platforms list their degrees of expertise and tutoring preferences in their biographies. Because of this, internet tutoring directories are even more effective at helping you or your child locate the best instructors. In contrast to in-person tutoring, it is really safer to research a tutor’s qualifications for online instruction. Numerous online tutoring platforms run thorough background checks on instructors to make sure they have accomplished what they claim in their profiles.

4. Is online tutoring expensive? 

Simply said, the price of online tutoring is fairly comparable to the price of in-person tutoring. However, because some instructors may charge more for travel expenses, some tutors may charge less for online learning than for face-to-face instruction.

Numerous in-person instructors are actually more expensive than online tutors, according to research. SolutionInn provides a free proposal and example project from the tutor to determine whether the tutor is appropriate for each student before any payments are made. This enables the student to communicate to the instructor their performance objectives and areas of improvement. On the other side, the tutor can help the student and outline the format of their tutoring sessions.

Additionally, it makes sense for tutors and students to decide on a day and time for actual sessions. Your question about the ideal session times will be instantly answered by this free introduction.

5. What is the availability of online learning?

Online tutoring timetables and availability are incredibly flexible for two reasons. First of all, because the majority of tutors also teach at schools or universities, they are available during the same hours that the majority of students are. This implies that they are available for revision sessions throughout the most essential periods because they are free on weekends and during school breaks.

Second, for availability, the internet is the best source. On most devices, tutors are reachable quickly to book sessions and are ready to begin at any time. More significantly, this is where you use the complimentary introduction session to determine the tutor’s availability. When you locate the ideal tutor, you can completely accommodate your timetable.

Final Reflections

The five largest issues with online tutoring are all essentially misunderstandings about online education. Since the coronavirus pandemic started, online tutoring has become one of the most popular and efficient teaching techniques, thanks to the platforms like SolutionInn.

Internet platforms seldom experience connection problems, and when they do, they are typically caused by the client’s internet connection, which is testable and repairable. The majority of online platforms have DBS-checked, credentialed, and experienced teachers who are certified to teach.

In comparison, online tutoring is actually less expensive than in-person tutoring, making it a more valuable long-term resource. Online instructors’ adaptability and accessibility have become important thanks to the internet and efficient platforms like SolutionInn.

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