Project Deconstruction: “Le Rebelle”

I have always been fascinated in rebellion, and self-confidence / expression. When the project of creating and branding a fragrance was introduced last semester, I wanted to create something that was geared toward a young rebellious audience. My mission was to create a unisex fragrance made for everyone.

Madonna is an artist that continues to inspire me and my work. Her essence was present in my creation of this scent. And her work helped my think about who I was reaching out to. I began to create my fragrance by first pulling together my mood board of all the concepts that inspired me; rebels, the street, romance, empowerment, etc. I then moved onto creating the larger brand: Lever Fragrances. Lever in French means to “lift up,” which came from my overall theme of strength /empowerment.


Lever Fragrances is a cutting-edge, hip, high-end fragrance company that features the “Le Rebelle” scent as their signature fragrance. Once I felt inspired by rebellion and empowerment I generated a manifesto to help guide my brand creation:

“At Lever Fragrances we pride ourselves in creating the highest quality unisex fragrances that encourage empowerment, sexuality, and strength. Every ingredient is carefully selected to ensure the consumer of our vivid brand attributes. When investing in Lever Fragrances, one will feel their inner fearlessness come out. Embrace yourself in Lever Fragrances.”

After working out the logo for Le Rebelle by contrasting typefaces that had a high-end feel (for Lever Fragrances) and a bold vibe (for Le Rebelle), I came to the final logo:


Alongside working on the branding, I was developing and researching the way that the fragrance would smell. I never actually got around to formulating it; however, I generated an olfactory brief so that the scent could be created by master scent makers. Originally, my idea was to create a three piece fragrance kit that would represent three traits of a rebel: attitude, rebel, and sex. When looking into packaging and logistics of the design I realized that it would be more interesting to compact the idea and have the consumer choose their three attributes to go along with their base scent of Le Rebelle. Each kit would come with the large bottle of “Le Rebelle” and three tiny scent attributes representing: rebel, attitude, and sex. The idea is that their are over 50 of these attributes that the consumer would choose from, because how can a rebel be tied down to one scent all the time? It should be able to change with ones mood.

For the month that I spent working on this brand, I had to research and compare the way that fragrance exists on the market. I looked into their ad campaigns, taking note as to what I liked and what was missing to be sure my scent looked as if it was a fragrance, but also make it stand out from the rest.


One thing that I loved was the simplicity. I learned that you have to be very careful to keep the fragrance ad simple to ensure that it does not look as if it was a fashion campaign. I also learned that it is important to cary the same elements throughout the brand to ensure the everyhting looks coherent. Here is the ad campaign I photographed and designed:

The Ad for Print / Billboards / etc:

The Ad for Street Stickers / Print:

The Final Product (labels and product insert):


LE REBELLE insert directions-pfvz6n RE REBELLE insert cover-233or87

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