A Week of Visual Culture (Bridge 1)

Seven Days of Visual Culture 

A week of studying the identity  of images, campaigns, and life. Highlighted are the elements of art and design, there is a key attached to help understand the images.


(Day One) Editorial found online.

I chose this editorial spread because it showcases identity in fashion. Two of passions include advertising and fashion. I feel that fashion alone helps people and consumers articulate themselves without having to use language. Advertising plays a huge role in our society as it has the power to persuade thoughts and create action (whether the action be buying or ideas). It is important for editorial spreads to showcase many different ideas of identity, and in this case pushing the boundaries by sexualizing two men. This helps shape the spread’s identity. In addition, I love the layout and power of this spread. It is a strong image that contains many artistic elements.


Similar Examples:



(Day Two) Fashion campaign from Elle Canada.

When I came across this spread from Elle: Canada, I found it intriguing. The juxtaposition of the modern fashion and the vintage car creates an interesting story to the image. I feel that the identity of this campaign proves the glamorization of fashion.



(Day Three) Nike Soul Campaign

This campaign represents brand identity. Nike’s work-hard, athletic vibe is portrayed throughout the band and its ad campaigns. I love the simplicity of their design approach creating a strong and easily rememberable image.



Similar Examples:



(Day Four) Street Photography from 19th St & 6th Ave

Liked the way this imaged turned out and how it captured the mood of the street NYC. There’s a good capture of emotion and movement, while displaying the hustle of the street.



(Day Five) Street Scene from 6th Ave

Thought that this image showcased the movement of New York. The composition/lighting came out interesting.





(Day Six) Headdresses from “Is Fashion Modern?” Exhibit at MoMA

At first sight of these headdresses, I found them striking and full of identity. They fully capture pattern, shape, texture, culture/heritage, and form.


(Day Seven) An Unfolding Portrait by Louise Bourgeois

Identity showcased through the lens of sculpture / art. I thought this was an intriguing way to execute a portrait.






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  1. legoh419 · January 29, 2018 Reply

    What if the material was an oil painting? Would it defeat the editorial and commercial purpose of the piece?

    What if the content was of two women, or of a woman and a man? What is the use of using two men? Does it promote homosexuality or create an excess of masculinity?

    What if the source of this image was in a museum? Possibly a classic museum or one that strays towards the fine arts?

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