Final Studio Project Proposal IS2

Project Meeting Notes 4.03.18:

  • Research methods of braille printing
  • Create mock-ups of visually impaired accessible ad campaigns
  • Create a brand with 3 aspects: (for example) Translates brand’s print ads to incorporate braille, has a physical product, and promotes awareness of the absence of accessibility for the visually impaired in the design space — would create all aspects of a real brand (website, logo, product, etc…)

Thesis / Proposal for Final Project:

How do the visually impaired experience fashion (in general and as a form of self expression)? How can advertising be more accessible in the fashion industry?


I am unsure how to go about communicating my idea. However the two ideas I have thought of is learning what the experience is like for people who can’t see clothing and either create a “brand” that is geared towards the blind. Then creating a compelling and accessible ad campaign to go along with it.

I was also considering create an art / materiality experience that is geared toward touch and the senses that could help take my research to a hands-on visual scale.

Here are some of my references / inspirations:

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As well as my taxonomy explore accessibility / materiality and fashion:


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