Refining Research, Connecting Visual to Literal

What is the specific Research Issue or Question on which you reflected and, therefore, that is expressed via and contextualized in your Visual Essay Collage?

The Power of Advertising, and in particular fashion advertising.


Select the 4 most important symbols in your Collage. Briefly explain the meaning of each one AND how it relates to your specific Research Issue/Question:

1. Faces: Since I am looking at the impact advertising has on society, it is important to recognize how these ads shape identity and self-expression.

2. Tactile Objects: Investigating the flaws of adverting—such as accessibility—is a must. Being able to understand how touch acts as a form of communication is interesting, and running that idea alongside advertisements.

3. Fashion: Fashion as a form of communication self-expression, and the result of successful advertising.

4. Glasses: My ode to my original spark of inspiration/issue: How do the visually impaired get to express themselves through fashion equally? Is it difficult? Is it that much of a concern?


Review the Abstract for your Visual Essay Collage. Identify the 4 most important terms AND the single-most important sentence. List those here:

1. Immersed

2. Western culture

3. Interacting

4. Enviable

It is enviable that accessibility and advertising go hand-in-hand since its boldness is enrapturing, and should be able be experienced by all types of people.



1. How does advertising impact our everyday lives / decisions?

2. How does the advertising industry cater to accessibility?

3. Do ads exist for the visually impaired? For fashion?


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