Juanli Carrion Inquiry

Questions on Juanli Carrion’s Work:

(1) “Outer Seed Shadow” – What was the inspiration behind creating this public/ interactive work?

(2) “Opus 2002” – Why was this piece filmed in Mexico?

(3) “Onstage” – Were you ever involved in theater? Why the motif of “theater”?

(4) “BNRW” – What technique was used when creating the greyscale pieces?

(5) “Undramatics” – What role does nature play in your life? How does living in Brooklyn affect that?

(6) “10.21-23” How were the light boxes produced?

(7) “Kei-Seki” Inspiration behind this piece? Who is it made for?

(8) “Brighttext” – Installation process behind this piece? Permits? Or was it a commission?

(9) “Atlas Shrugged” – What is one message you’d want a viewer to take away from this piece?

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