Final Studio 2 Project Reflection

“The Experience of Fashion”

I was overall satisfied with my final project. Being able to pull together my work and install them in simple and beautiful frames was an important aspect for me. I learned through out the final project process that the idea (and experience) of the way people interact with fashion is an intriguing concept to me. By meeting with Jemme Aldridge (creative liaison, and Creative Director of Marc Jacobs Fragrances), I gained real-life perspective on the importance of design in terms of research. My final project showcased my hands-on research of materiality in the luxury fashion space. I faced a few challenges when creating this project, one being that my original idea of exploring the blind in terms of fashion was a huge undertaking; however that idea guided my project to where it stands today.

Installation during final critique.

Interview with participant:

About the project:

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