Reflection of Bridge 1

I Remember Final Draft (2)-14u2bfi

Among the five given skills that I developed in Bridge 1: I Remember, the most interesting skill for me to develop was using my own memory as inspiration and research for a creative project because I had significant past memories that I could apply to for the project. Here are some examples: visit to various museums in European countries such as Louvre in France and Van Gogh in Holland, medically helping kids in Madagascar with Dr.Lee’s family. Simultaneously, it was one of the most challenging part of this project because some unpleasant thoughts such as association with this with some corners such as Yop kept me from enjoying the process of brainstorming those memories. I even wished that I did not think of those in the first place or none of this would have happened. Regarding finalization of Bridge 2, I would like to continue building more trees, branches, grasses, rocks and roots to fill the second layer. Next, I would like to add some more clays and color the background hills to match them.

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