Bridge 2: Peer to Peer Project

 Green Landscape, Ryan Lee

In Bridge 2: Peer to Peer Project, I designed a landscape painting as a gift for my client, Esther. Among the artworks she saw in MoMA, she chose No Rain by Joan Mitchell as my inspiration to design a gift. During the interview, Esther told me stories about her childhood and mentioned that the green landscape reminded her of the scenery near her her old school.  After choosing it as my primary inspiration to create this painting, I made several sketches of the landscapes, as well as planning the details like how I would include leaves on top of the dark valued trees. I used watercolor as my primary technique to fill in the paper and made layers of mountains by putting some green clays on the background. Also, I alternated the degrees of light and dark values while using more clays to increase the depth of rocks and grasses.

  Joan Mitchell’s No Rain(1976)




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