Bridge 2: Interacting Systems Map

My experience of the Derive in the Oculus provided an opportunity for me to put myself into the views of the people from various directions, which I refer to as inter-perspective. In this map, I visualized the connection between the five systems – subways, elevators, seats, stairs, and stores – with additional use of words. Within the Oculus, there were people resting on the fiberglass cloud seats in the first floor, shopping at the stores in the first and second floor, and moving upward through elevators and stairs to get to the subway station or outside at the top. Based on those aspects, I tried to reflect the different possible perspectives of the individuals in relation to others, such as someone from the elevator looking down at a person sitting in the seats. In a wide open area like the Oculus, multiple perspectives can form complex interactions. In addition, the parallelism between the subway and the elevator grabbed my attention. They overlap with each other in a way that their movements are in one dimension: they are restricted to their corresponding horizontal and vertical axes, which are similar yet contrary in terms of perspectives. In order to express that connection, I used arrows for the elevators and the trains and differentiated them by drawing the side view.

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