Pre-field Trip Assignment: Conflicts Faced by an Indigenous Group

The Maori are the indigenous people of New Zealand, and they are the major part of tourism for those who are visiting New Zealand. However, despite the seemingly good relationship, the discrimination is still present between the Maori and the non-Maori New Zealanders. Even though some improvements have been made, the Maori are under high rates of poverty, sexual assault, domestic abuse, and suicide. The government refuses to acknowledge the indigenous land that originally belonged to Maori, and their poor living conditions including low wages and inadequate housing lead some of them to be involved in violence and criminal behaviors. Additionally, the influence of Te Reo, the language spoken by the Maori, is continually decreasing over time. In the past, such disadvantages from being part of the Maori heritage forced many Maori people to avoid the problem instead of facing it. In other words, showing the Maori pride and involving in the Maori activism had worked against the survival and success of the Maori people. Nevertheless, in order to solve the core issue, it is important to raise one’s voice and let other people to be aware of the current situation. While the Maori people are struggling to obtain the equality, some non-Maori people, especially those who are not well informed, could end up thinking it as a privilege for the Maori. As a result, establishing the domestic consciousness regarding the issue would be very significant in dealing with the issue.

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