Bridge 3: Community Toolkit


             For the Integrative Seminar 2, I researched archives about the daylight saving time. There, I discovered several health and mental dilemmas due to the daylight saving time, such as cardiac issues and seasonal affective disorders (SAD), which involve loss of interest, insomnia, excess sleepiness, depression, and anxiety. In my toolkit design, I initially tried to come up with an all-inclusive toolbox that can assist one to overcome the symptoms caused by DST. Based on my research, I picked four categories I can include in my toolkit: the medicine, exercise, time management, and consultation. I tried to put a section for different medicines, handy equipments for exercise, clocks and timers to wake up, and papers to consult inner feelings. However, after the professor’s feedback, I realized my toolkit needs to be smaller and include my original tools. I removed medicine from my list, as I cannot make one, and the exercise equipment as well, because they tend to be heavy and take too much space. With the remaining options, I thought of my experience with writing and drawing on a piece of paper whenever I feel down. By doing that, it always makes me feel more relieved, which is similar to talking to someone who listens to everything I say, even some crazy ideas I cannot tell anyone. With that said, I decided to make a diary, which I named SADiary, and a goal clock to promote goal orientation. They are both meant to be used before sleep. When one is feeling the symptoms of SAD, he or she can grab the SADiary and start writing about whatever ideas that show up in one’s mind. There is no restriction on things one can write, and one can even draw if he or she feels like it. After organizing one’s mind and attempt to find the factor that seems to bother one, one can choose the intended hours of sleep by setting the goal clock at that time. Even if one ends up sleeping more or less than one planned, the goal clock would remind them about their goal time and the discrepancy compared to the actual hours of sleep (which can also be recorded daily in the SADiary). Using the two tools, one can take a moment to calm down and be aware with the things that are causing the internal struggle while also setting a task to fulfill every day.


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