Final Projects + FNBKS

Overall, this project gave me an opportunity to pay close attention to an ordinary scene over a long period of time and observe changes, which is something I do not normally do. Most of the times I visit certain places to do specific things, but observing and recording weather was not one of them. As a result, I was not sure if I was doing it the right way in the beginning and had difficult time coming up with things to write. However, after second and third visits, I could fill out more things and compare them with the scene from the past; also, witnessing the changes that I usually overlook was a different experience. Initially, the data I had to record felt like just numbers and did not have much meaning. However, over time, I could physically sense the change of wind and humidity, which are things I often neglect compared to other things like rain or snow. Also, I realized that the sunset time I recorded for the first day was the time I visited the rooftop for the 2nd FBNK, and I found the scene that still showed a blue sky interesting. However, for the other factors like air quality and CO2 levels, I was not able to tell the clear difference. The UV index did not change as much either, but my data could tell that it was 0 on a snowy day and 1 on regular sunny days, which was somewhat understandable. Although the process felt like homework initially, having a part of my day to peacefully observe the NYC was refreshing and enjoyable. I would have liked it more if the place was quieter, since the heater was on for most of the time. Maybe I should check it out again in the summer and see the difference then.


Both my case and wallet have simple overall structures, which would make them relatively easy to repair when they are damaged. In other words, since they do not have any complicated system inside that can only be cared by experts, anyone can fix it without too much difficulty. For my case, I tried to avoid using glue since the sticky material that is strong enough to hold the wood pieces may become difficult to get in the future. I used screws to physically hold the joints, which would be easy to tighten them back when they get loose. Also, the wood is not made of expensive and specific kind of trees that could disappear in the future due to the climate change. For the wallet, the kombucha leather can be made in a natural way, which does not involve killing any animal species that may become extinct in 50 years. Anyone with basic sewing skill would be able to deal with it when the wallet breaks.



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