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Zero Waste Pledge NYC

As a current resident of the NYC, signing in this pledge means that I become part of the NYC society and can contribute to everyone’s benefit. I was born and spent my childhood in Korea, and one of the many things that surprised me was the amount of waste produced in each day when I moved to the United States. Many products I saw in markets were very large in size, and the serving for one person in restaurants was usually much more than I needed. Sometimes, it was cheaper to buy the larger package even if I did not need it for that much. Besides, all those excess and unnecessary items ended up being thrown away into one giant trash can, which filled up quicker than I expected. As far as I know, Korea has strict rules on how the wastes should be managed, and each household is strongly enforced to follow them. For example, glass bottles, plastic bottles, and metal containers each have their own category in recycling, and they should not be mixed when they are thrown away. Also, there are specific guidelines for food wastes, so one cannot simply put everything into one trash bag. Although I do not know the details of the American waste management policy, based on the pledge list, I can assume that many people do not concern much about recycling and reducing wastes. As I am living in NYC, I should feel the responsibility as a resident and try my best to do my part to serve the community. This Pledge will remind me about this responsibility and allow me to put my effort to the society, which would lead to a better future for all members.

Movie Review: The Rorax (2012)

The Thneedville is an artificial city without any plant; everything is made of plastics and metals, and people have to buy bottled fresh air. While most people living in there do not care about plants, some people want to see the real tree just for once. To impress the girl he likes, the main character tries to show her a real tree, and he gradually finds out about why the outside world has turned into a wasteland. Long time ago, a smart businessman found a way to make an innovative invention using the tree. He encountered with the guardian of the forest, Lorax, and promised that he would not chop down too many trees. However, after successful business, he forgot about the promise and used up all the trees he could find; Lorax had to escape alongside with other animals. To regrow the forest with the last seed, the main character and his friends try to let people know about the importance and role of the trees in environment. The villain, who sells the fresh air to people, believes that trees are threat to his oxygen business and try to stop them at any cost; he even tells everyone that trees are dangerous and harmful. With the effort of the main character, the seed is planted and the forest starts to recover, making the guardian of the forest return.

I think this story very much emphasizes the importance of sustainability and the possible consequences when the humans forget about its significance. I could reassure that the greed in financial success can blind one’s eyes, as shown many times in real life. Without carefully thinking about the future, short minded approach would lead to our own fall. However, this movie ends with a happy ending, providing a message that it is never too late to fix our mistakes and recover the environment. Even if the beginning seems small and meaningless, the seed of our effort can make greater difference in the future if we could work together.

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