For my embroidery project I want to use old fabric swatches from a company that my mom works for that sells mens clothing. She has a lot of different samples of different suiting materials. This represents the idea of the business man and woman going through these parks and commuting. I want to stitch all of these materials together to create a big sheet. I plan to embroider vine/ flowers into the material to show the aspect of nature in the city which is mostly what I was studying at my field site. I may also incorporate the famous monuments at each location, the flat iron and the arch.



Self portraits and Identity

through my self portraits I created digital collages of different outfit details and mood boards. For the identity portion I was in the middle of an identity crisis and was unsure of what my identity was so I created a set up in my room and on my bed where I feel most myself. Vogue covers in the background express my interest in fashion and my collection of the magazine. I recently got bangs so I made sure to emphasize them in this photo. My shirt in this specific portrait I am wearing an emerald green shirt which is my birth stone. Which I love to incorporate into my every day looks. 

Identity crisis

This morning I woke up in an identity crisis. I am unsure of the style I would like to pursue and I am lost in my closet. With this collage I created a background with the clothes that I wore during these shoots. I cut up pieces of my face from my self portraits and placed them on top of my outfit pictures because before I can figure out what I want my style to be I have to figure out who I am.