Prescott McCarthy – “Apartment”

Inspirational keyword: My keyword was “apartment”. I got to this word by first thinking about how my family is flying to NYC this weekend to help me start moving things out of my dorm and into a storage unit for the summer. This then got me thinking about the apartment my friend and I will be getting for ourselves next year and how I have tons of ideas for how we should decorate the place. I always save photos of things that could serve as inspirations, and in this folder I had Prescott McCarthy’s three painted saws (as shown in the first image below).

Bio: “29, Utah born, desert bound. I am an artist and designer.  I enjoy making things, and discussing ways to change the world thru art and expression.” (

Artist Statement: “I strive to create wonder, awe, curiosity, function, science, historical reverence, and storytelling in my artwork.  The material doesn’t so much matter, the mediums I work with are vast. The locations and objects tend to inform each installation.

I play with a fundamental belief of the work, the art, the creation, wanting to be birthed into this universe beyond our control. Each “Idea” is merely looking for a host to plant its seed and become form, sweet fertile form.  I have a poem that explains this concept:

“a writer knows its words like a zebra knows its stripes…
and in the brush, ideas lie… awaiting time to STRIKE” 

Its a playful concept that as creatives we are merely prey to our “ideas” its not our choice to execute these objectives it is by force of our own desires to create greatness that we become work horses of the aether – putting in our blood, sweat, money, and time into the birth of ideas into reality.” (

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