“Artifacts” from my time living in Pittsburgh


I’m Samantha, and I grew up and spent my whole life up until now in a little suburb right outside of Downtown Pittsburgh. My town doesn’t have too many wild or interesting things within it so that means that me and my friends had to get creative with ways to occupy our time. This resulted in our shared love for traveling outside of our little town, going to plenty of concerts, driving a bit out of the city to be surrounded by nature, and documenting all of our fun with photography. These few things have shaped me into who I am and make up some of the best experiences I’ve had. Along with this post are three “artifacts” to sum up my time here, a picture of me at a concert with my friend Owen, another of me and two of my friends, Cheyenne and Rose, about an hour outside of Pittsburgh at a beautiful lake, and a picture of me, taking a picture!

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