Joe Brainard/Memories

1. I remember trying to realize how big the world really is.

– When I was a kid one of the things most often on my mind was the existence of everything, of how small I was. But then every time I would try to understand so many people were alive on this planet at the same time hurt my head.

2. I remember a dream I have had often of being able to fly. (Without an airplane)

– I have and always have had an incredibly active imagination, in almost every dream I would have as a kid I would picture myself with a different inhuman power. I still do pretty much every night.

3. I remember after people are gone thinking of things I should have said but didn’t.

– This is easily the most relatable thing in the memories, so I assume a lot of other people will have it on their lists as well. I had intense social anxiety growing up into society so I think I would have this feeling after every important conversation.

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