Selfies – 9/4/18

My normal selfie is how I usually take pictures of myself. I don’t like often taking pictures of my own full face because I feel a little ridiculous doing so. Not to offend anyone else who does like to do so, I only feel this way about myself doing that. In the photo, all that is shown is the top of my head right above my nose. This is how I would usually present myself unless there are other people in the photo with me or someone else took the photo of me. This is all very disinteresting.

Jen took a selfie but then edited it with a crazy editing software to make an explosion of color. The photo quality comes out as very grainy and detailed in the center of the photo where it focuses on her face. As you get out to the sides of the selfie the photo blurs and turns into clouds in the sky with a night full of stars to accompany them.

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