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I was born in the rural Gallatin Valley of Bozeman, Montana. I was raised with two incredible parental figures to look up to and an amazing brother to depend on. I developed as a person surrounded by a beautiful environment with people to support me throughout the struggles of growing up. I have been through multiple schools in different places growing up so I became very accustomed to shifting, and change. Drawing was always a large part of who I was and am now. It was my way to release all the stuff in my brain I couldn’t explain in words. Eventually, drawing became more of a crutch to make friends rather than a passion while I was usually dealing with kids I didn’t really connect with. This was all through school, and when I went into high school I started to lose the passion I once had for art. This is not just sad, but also alarming, because the only plan I had ever made for my future was “becoming a famous artist and supporting my whole family”. When freshman year summer came I went to a 3-week drawing course at the Interlochen Arts Camp and my life as I knew it changed. My love for the arts reignited and I became enthralled once again. I was offered a scholarship with which I could afford the academic year at Interlochen, and a little over a year later I was had switched schools yet again to attend the Interlochen Center for the Arts. The past two years I had been non-stop working on my art and future, which I am beyond happy to have experienced. Through going to school there and winning a National Silver Medal Portfolio in the Scholastics competition I was able to get into all my schools with great scholarships. Ultimately I decided on attending Parsons for a plethora of reasons, which I am quite happy about.

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