Mapplethorpe Description

The photo Brian Ridley and Lyle Heefer is a photo of two men, both in their mid to late twenties. They are in what seems to be either a hotel room or an apartment by the window. Both of them are dressed in full leather and chain outfits, one is seemingly under the command of the other. The man who is submissive is sitting down in a leather chair with an artistic curving shape to it, the other is standing up leaning on the chair. Close by on the left of the two men is a small side table held up by what seems to be antlers, on top of it seems to be an assortment of books, a lamp, flowers, and a clock. Directly behind them is a big window with curtains drawn to the side and underneath them is a large oriental rug. Finally on the left of them is a fireplace, on top of which is a fireplace, holding up what seems to be sculptures and vases.

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