Bridge 1 – IS1

For my Bridge 1 assignment, I chose my 10 memories meticulously, intentionally choosing them in an order that would create a chronological order. This order would produce a narrative from an early time in my life to the day I entered New York to start college. I marked each individual card with a number that would help put them in a concrete order, with a drawn image of the corresponding memory. Each card would have a different color that correlated with the emotion of the memory. On the back side of each postcard, I would write a snippet of the original memory, shortened for added impact to the specific line. The style of illustration on each card is playful in a way, despite the cards are mainly based on important moments in my development. The materials I used for this assignment consisted of colored pencils/ Copic markers for the color, and Muji pens for the linework and letters/numbers.

  1. I remember my first-time tasting wine, it was disgusting. My mother offered it to me as a joke, but I was curious, so I tried a sip. I immediately spat the bitter liquid out and for many years after thought my parents were crazy for liking the substance.
  2. I remember slightly windy nights in the patchy grass of my backyard. I would lay there for hours listening to the wind chimes knock each other back and forth until the wind stopped. I was always cold, and the blades of grass would leave indents in my skin.
  3. I remember the first time I thought I was going to die. Twelve-year-old me was visiting family in Nantucket and swam out a little too far in the water. I was taken by the waves and they were too strong for me to get back to shore. Suddenly the water was much darker, and heavier. I stress swam until I reached the sand, I’ve never been more tired or relieved since.
  4. I remember the first time I kissed a girl, she was drunk that evening and had made it a personal goal to kiss everyone in the room. I was sad and confused, I was sad because my first kiss was meaningless and confused because it was underwhelming. I had an odd look on my face for the rest of the night.
  5. I remember staying up unreasonably late procrastinating homework I did not want to do, it was not fun. By the end of it, my eyes were crusted together, and I could feel new stress acne growing on my forehead as I typed.
  6. I remember the listening Billy Joel with people I didn’t know all too well, sitting on a pristinely clean green couch. I wished I had more close friends at that moment, but Piano Man was keeping me comfortable, as well as the couch.
  7. I remember the moment I first knew I’d fallen in love. My heart jumped up into my mouth, my pants suddenly felt much too tight, I began breathing manually and my hands started sweating. Yet somehow, the dim room my girlfriend and I were occupying felt perfect, somehow.
  8. I remember plucking three to four pieces of soft, yet durable, paper and a thin black pen from my desk drawer. To then tuck myself deep into a black and worn chair in my studio, with the ambition of spending the rest of my night in it.
  9. I remember my last night at home before I left for college. My friends and I terrorized the streets of my neighborhood into the early hours of the morning. I could feel the sun crawling over the horizon, coming to tell me my childhood had finally ended. It was chilling and warming.
  10. I remember the first time entering the big apple, there was a heavy sweat forming on my neck and my hands. I started to feel lightheaded and slightly sick, to the point I may have thrown up. What a horribly beautiful mix of excitement and fear.

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