Mr. Jim Frog: About Me – 10/11/12

Hello, people of the room, my name is Mr. Jim Frog. Physically I am a Panamanian Golden Frog, but creatively I am a professional inventor/tea enthusiast. I am not entirely sure where or who raised me, but I do know I was born in the fall of 1963. Ah, what a wonderful period, I have very fond memories of the beautiful machines made that decade, however everything else is foggy and I don’t know my real parents! How fascinating am I right? Well any-who, through many different series of unfortunate but interesting events, I ended up settling down in the most exciting place of all three Americas, Nebraska! It has some quaint woods and cozy swamps, I couldn’t be more satisfied! As a person, or frog I should say, I am a quiet, yet passionate individual. I remember a friend from long ago told me I was a mediator, or “INFP” personality type, whatever that means! Who knows, she was a crazy chimp from Panama, it could have been an insult for all I know. We became friends when she was having a hard time with her family back home two jungles over. I can relate to family turmoil, through expressing my empathy for her situation we became very close. Boy, do I miss her. Anyways, my love for invention comes from a deep need to help the world, so you could say I have always wanted to invent but didn’t always have the tools. But, look at me now! I’m the most well-known novelty inventor in all of central Nebraska! Impressive, I know, but I have goals far beyond my accomplishments. Wish me luck! Nice to meet you all, au revoir friends.

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