Group Work Today – 10/16/18

Glean and Mia are roommates together at Parsons in New York and they decode to collaborate on a film project. They look up to Ivan and need his influence – they send him letters – harass him. Eventually he answers them with a letter to meet at grand central.

Trying to find a civilization of intelligent animals


Written in different perspectives – from our four characters


Studying frogs


Funding through a film studio for our movie – need Ivans influence/artistic power


Help me get to the bottom of these fucking mysterious machines and then I’ll watch/review your film – ivan is willing to help Mia and Glean in return they have to help him solve his mysterious with the machines


Writers sends a/f to nebraska to – we go to Nebraska


Writer wants to know who made them

Cryptic language on the back of the machine – only Glean can read them


Jim put his machine in an auction in nebraska – Ivan finds it/buys it


Starts and ends at grand central


Chloe (Glean) knows his language, that’s what gets him to talk to us

The scale and name starts to tip us off

Leads us to the swamp

Start seeing weird ass animals


Jim is interested in how we found him

He begins to trust us – he can communicate with Glean

Curious about humans


I want them back

I want to find them


I like them, I don’t tell anyone – ivan has a fascination with the machines


Writer: these machines are like me, that’s why i’m obsessed with them.  Ever since my wife died, I’ve been looking for something to drive me.


Writer and Frog



  • Each do a drawing
    • Noam: factory
    • Ryann: grand central scene
    • Sam: something with Jim
    • Chloe: Mia and Glean with filming equipment
  • Perspective change in grand central (part III)
  • Schedule:
    • Each write their perspective
    • Meet Sunday to edit and merge our drafts



  • Part 1 → Glean and Mia write letters to Ivan in purpose to receive recognition – ivan sends them a letter to meet their at 3:00pm. Ivan agree to help them if they helps him research the machine.
  • Part 2 → Ivan, Glean, and Mia go to Nebraska – Glean can read inscriptions on the back of the machines (address but not a regular address)  – local says as a joke/sarcastically maybe you should check the swamp – notice the small writing – there are different directions on each machine
  • Part 3 →  bad stuff happens – Mia kidnaps Jim? Jim doesn’t want to talk to us/help us? Ivan loses it when he finds out Jim the creator of his machines is a frog?
  • Ending → end up in grand central – Jim shows us his factory – narrative voice?


Rising action = trying to find jim

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