Iona Rozeal Brown: Appropriation

I thought of today’s artist using the keyword: appropriation. I’ve known about Iona Brown ever since senior year of high school, I love her work for its contrast on old Japanese traditional paintings and mixing it with new modern hip-hop culture. she is an incredible mind who will paint a samurai with dreadlocks, half black half white while holding a fourty-ounce beer.

The artist Iona Rozeal Brown uses her large-scale acrylic paintings to wryly comment on the ductile and ever-changing essence of cultural identity, most often by creating visual mash-ups of two disparate but in fact subtly harmonious subcultures: the samurai and geishas depicted in traditional Japanese ukiyo-e printmaking and the contemporary world of hip-hop. Trained in the art of ukiyo-e herself, Brown pursues a transcultural aesthetic in both her imagery and her technique, mixing the racial, gender, and class issues in her subject matter with the deftness of a DJ.

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