Bridge 3: Artist Statement

Our project was a story of fantasy, very long winded complicated. So, it only makes sense that our installation is larger than life and an incredible amount of work. Our intention with the structure we made was to represent the inner sanctum of “Jim’s laboratory” inside the iconic clock in the middle of Grand Central station. For this we used Ram Board as a curved wall with two slits cut out for each viewers feet, as well a hole at eye level with a looping video of grand central from the height of the clock. We also painted the wall black and added yellow and gold gears for an added decoration and immersion. For our added artifacts we used a series of papers with schematics, a letter among other things. On the schematics there were multiple designs and ideas for the blocks that Jim makes in the story and on the letter is a language that only Glean can understand, a character who can translate any language. For another added level of interaction, we used a certain type of magnetic block that could become a working machine as our physical representation of Jim’s machines from the book. These blocks through magnet stick together and can light up, move and make sound! To welcome viewers into our installation we scattered blocks around the area for them to find as they came up to the piece. This was exciting and brought their interest directly into the piece immediately. Our piece is one of fantasy and immersion.

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