Bridge 1 – Part 2

For my what if piece my partner chose the iconic photo of Muhammad Ali standing over Sonny Liston after knocking him down in a boxing match. The what if I was given was: what if they weren’t human? This instantly brought to my brain a picture of robotic boxers fighting with one another. I believe my futuristic/robotic take on the photo relates to my theme because of a few reasons. I like to look at identities of certain people and things in this world, specifically as an example I think most would say boxers are looked at as a form of entertainment and no much more. When someone pays one 100 dollars for a paperview experience of a boxing match they are literally paying to see two men beat each other senseless. I think most people would say the human side of the boxers is never really considered, they may as well be robots. As long as the people paying for it get the carnage they want, what difference does it really make? It’s all about meaningless violence, not that I don’t think it is as fun to watch as the next person.

  1. What is the content/meaning of your artwork and how does it relate to your theme? I sort of already answered this in the intro? I don’t understand the direction to reiterate but okay. Boxers aren’t necessarily looked at by society as real people, rather “machines” capable of beating the pulp out of one another. I think that it was a cool way to extrapolate identity through illustrating them in a more robotic/videogame-ish concept. They are a form of entertainment to the masses.
  2. What are the signifiers in your finished artwork? The style of illustration is a bit anime-esque, the KO letters instead of “Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston”, The intense robotic characteristics of the fighters.
  3. If your artwork is to be placed into the general circulation of Visual Culture, where would it go, what would it do, who would see it and where might it end up? (examples, a billboard, in a gallery, a prop in a movie or advertisement, etc.)

Finish these sentences:

What I learned from this project/making activity was I need to draw more robots.

The material/medium was/wasn’t successful at supporting the content because (I’m confused? I thought it did support the content well/successfully.

What I learned about my content through this medium exploration was not that much, I don’t think this project allowed enough time or direction to learn much.

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