Bridge 2: Context and Investigation through Taxonomy

  • This project was to gather 72 images, 36 which signify and 36 that are contextual. My topic was on grief and religion, which coincides with my theme: Identity.
  • I chose images that show the wide array of emotions that one can feel through the experience of grief and imagery of religions that people often resort to for solace when lost. I found most the images on google, some were already on my computer. I used many images from tv shows or movies I personally connect with that comfort me as well as objects and animals that incur a similar feeling. For example, the animals, main pets like cats and dogs besides the elephants, are companions that can fill the void of a person who is now missing. This is a huge way that helps individuals cope as well as move on to become happier again. Flowers, stuffed animals, pictures, jewelry can all be objects of nostalgia/memory that can comfort but yet also elongate sadness for a person, a bit of a double-edged blade. Elephants are a personal symbol, my father who passed away when I was young worked with elephants in Africa for many years before coming back to the United States where he started a construction company called Elephant Builders. They are all over my home and personal life. I included art supplies due to my own affinity for art, which is a great and healthy way to channel emotions, good or bad. For me it was incredibly therapeutic and is to this day, art is my solace. I included many images that represent loneliness and isolation, helplessness and anger. All very common mental states after a traumatic experience that keeps a person complacent, not allowing them to move on. But there are also images of happiness and safety because it is important to remember, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how long the tunnel feels.

1. What I learned about my topic through this image collection exercise was very powerful, I already knew imagery is powerful but having a collage of images is a whole other feeling to look at, it is such a journey to go through something so simple.

2. What was most challenging about this research was the main difficulty was finding images that build upon others without making the collage repetitive.

How will you use what you learned from this assignment in the future?

I will use this exercise in the future to inspire myself for work when I am without creativity.

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