EMOJI Design

SAD FACE: This emoji is a sad or depressed face colored in with a blue pen. ICON, INDEX, SYMBOL: the sad face, drawing or otherwise, is widely used to express sadness towards a person or event. It is an icon of social media and humanity, although somewhat desensitizes use to the use of a truly sad face. I chose to do this emoji because of sadness/grief’s relation to my specific topic, loss, and religion.

SKULL: This emoji is an orange rendition of a human skull. ICON, INDEX, SYMBOL: the skull is a very literal sign of death, human death specifically. It is used so often in every aspect of our society due to it’s iconic and straightforward imagery. I chose to draw a skull as an emoji is because it has the most direct connection to my topic, death.

CROSS/GRAVE: This emoji depicts a cross, and or grave sticking out of the ground. ICON, INDEX, SYMBOL: the grave is used as a sign of a body’s permanent resting place, an area where life doesn’t exist anymore. A marker that any person would instantly recognize. I chose to use this as my last emoji for the reason of it’s functionality and existence, it is interesting that we mark where our dead lie and yet we want to move on from it.

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