Inquiry into an Object, Form, or Image

My theme is identity and my general topics are grief, loss, and religion. The object I choose is my Iron Giant figurine, the Iron Giant is my favorite movie from childhood. This figurine represents nostalgia, trust, and friendship to me. It’s a movie involving love, adventure, and growth.

In my mind map, the words ” purpose” and “nostalgia” stand out most.


  1. Why did I buy this figurine and where from?
  2. Why does this movie represent trust to me?
  3. How has the meaning of the movie changed to me over time?


  1. I bought this figurine for no reason other than I love this movie, and want to visually show that love off to other people. I bought it from Amazon.
  2. Because the whole journey of the two main characters, the Iron Giant and Hogarth a small boy, is about their development of a friendship. Hogarth as a caring human and the Iron Giant as an extra-terrestrial from space. This all culminates into a high-stress moment at the end of the film where everything comes down to the Iron Giant’ss/Hogarth’s trust in one another to save the day.
  3. In all honesty, the meaning of the movie has not changed much at all, my original admiration for the story and characters holds up to this day.

Despite the connection and meaning my object has to me I went in an extremely different direction altogether. Whilst mind mapping I started naming off other important fictional/2D characters from my childhood that might fit better into my topic. That is when I remembered Tom and Jerry, on the surface, it seems like a really fun, kind-hearted but in truth, it is a very demented show just presented in a childish way. The whole story of the show is a cat trying to kill a mouse, over and over again, forever.

For my piece, I illustrated Tom having succeeded in his lifelong mission, to kill Jerry. But having done what he always wanted to do, he now realizes he no longer has a purpose in life and is now having an existential crisis that is shattering his mind and soul. I pushed the imagery to a very unsettling place to add to the feeling of hopelessness Tom now feels and made the death of Jerry more gruesome than needed for added effect.

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