Bridge 3: Materials and Content Diptych Investigation

For this diptych, I chose to pursue the gold leaf experiment we did in class and play outside my comfort zone. I was inspired to do this piece as soon as I saw the way the square of gold sat on the paper, and before I knew it I had made a piece that was a bit outside my topic. I ended up using only a gel pen, marker and a bit of charcoal to set up the environment but the gold leaf is the main component in the piece. I think as a whole the piece is still very successful and during critique today Bryan suggested I make a bit of a change in my topic’s direction and I agree. I all too often want to add humor to a piece, which is not bad, but it doesn’t make sense with my topic.

For this piece, I ended up exploring more within my normal comfort zone of illustration. I used alcoholic markers, gel pen, and colored pencils to color the piece. I think that for the concept the materials work perfectly, the colors express the concept really well, but then again it’s not much of a challenge for me. I will for the next diptych try different materials but for this, I believe it was the best way to communicate it. It successfully supports my topic by creating a dialogue on the ideas of purpose, fulfillment, and crisis.

What I heard in the critique was that I may have to change my direction for my theme and this was helpful because I was afraid to take the risk and change it. But with the support of Bryan, I think it will be okay, I feel that with more added dark humor my work will reflect my brain more honestly.

For my next diptychs, I want to take risks with materials and think more about the concept before I pursue a piece. I’m thinking of paint and fabric as of now.

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