Bridge 3: Diptych Investigation Part 2

The first diptych is two pieces on one sweatshirt, I chose to use a sweatshirt because of its main use which is warmth and comfort. These words are also synonymous with safety and trust, which is contrasting with the piece that exists on the front of the sweatshirt. I think it was successful to the extent to which it could be for an experiment, I will continue to look into drawing onto cotton.

These individual sides of a heart are drawn onto separate shirts. I used t-shirts because I thought it would be interesting for a piece which is supposed to go together be put on two things that are so obviously individual. I think it would succeed because although simple, the material helped push my concept well enough.

I went with just paper and markers because I wanted to provide the critics who would be looking at my diptychs two choices, one where I experiment or one where I lavish in my comfort zone. It turned out successful I believe because the concept and composition of the piece are appealing the eye.

I got very good feedback on this work, did not hear many critiques but a lot of constructive ideas on how I can expand to animation and maybe make this work into a series. I was recommended some artists to look at, people were generally more partial to the illustrative work rather than the shirt designs.


Make it a series, all kinds of religion.

You should explore other mediums, animation would be super cool.

William Kentridge, look at his animated films (which I did)

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