Core 4D Seminar: Animated Films Reflection

I found it surprising how most of the films we watched in class had a very dark tone to them. I expected the beginning of animation to be a little more whimsical, not sure why but that was my prediction. In specific, I was puzzled by the film with Felix the cat, in the film he wastes no time committing suicide after finding out he has had a litter of kittens with his girlfriend cat. But it seems as if the cartoon cat, as well as the creator, didn’t think it had a dark undertone when he started huffing the gas. It was completely in theme with the silly comedy of the rest of the short, which made it almost more unsettling. I personally have always experimented with dark subject matter and showing the darkness in places that seem very light.

Aside from Felix the Cat, I was taken by the groundbreaking animation of Gerty the dinosaur. The fact he drew around 10,000 drawings just to prove himself as not using the technique of rotoscoping. For such an early animation it had such character and amazing comedic timing. I’ve already read quite a bit of Nemo but I had no idea he was an animator as well. I feel bad for the elephant that got thrown into the lake, I’m worried Gerty drank him.

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