Egg Head

To paint the egg I began by just drawing a portrait of myself on it. I just went with a loose realism sketch of how I look, in retrospect I wish I had been more creative like my classmates but I’m still happy with the final result. Afterwards, I mixed brown, dark blue, purple and red to create the color black out of gouache paint. Sadly I didn’t have any black, I think it turned out pretty well though. When it came to painting I used the smallest brush I could to get intricate details in.

Documenting was relatively easy, I just set up a big piece of drawing paper on my desk and used my lamp on its brightest setting to take pictures. I know quite a bit about photoshop which was helpful to crisp up the photos. I tried to get it from as many photos as I could without getting some of my room in the frame.

I thought it’d be cool to crack open the egg halfway up on the face, here is the product of that.

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