Bridge 3 (Multiple Perspectives) | Fashion Avatar

Assignment: After viewing the entirety of MoMA’s exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern? choose one of the 111 items organized by the curators.Write an essay in which you use the MoMA’s displays, wall text, and your own background knowledge and experience to explore multiple perspectives of meaning around the stereotypes. Include at least one specific idea from the selection we read in Anne Hollander’s Sex and Suits — introduced, integrated, and investigated, if quoted directly. Consider how and what the garment communicates — in terms of gender, sex, sexuality, class, race, culture, geography, politics, or some other identifier — and how this might depend on immediate context — location, the wearer, or even other pieces worn with the garment? Ultimately, the goal is to have an original idea about the complexities of meaning in the garment that push beyond the obvious or expected. Rely on your own observations, analysis, and argument. Work to say something beyond what the exhibition or common wisdom tells you.



Reflection: Visting the MoMA Fashion Exhibit set us off to a great start for our Bridge 3 assignments. I was clear on the topic of my essay – red lipstick. I found this particular assignment very exciting and explorative. Even though we weren’t allowed to do any research, I realized how much or how little I knew about this particular fashion accessory. After being critiqued by one of my group members, I took all her suggestions and definitely liked my essay more. These workshops proved to be very helpful.

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