Assignment 1 | Integrative Seminar 2

“The Branding of Learning” from Naomi Klein’s No Logo (1999)

“They are fighting for their brands to become not the add-on but the subject of education, not an elective but the core curriculum.”

“Sums that make the coaches’ salaries look like tokens of appreciation.”

“Public school teachers are desperate for materials that will excite the kids.”

“The more campuses act and look like malls, the more students behave like consumers.”

“We believe students are savvy enough to discern between educational content and marketing materials.”

“So there they all were, fighting about women’s studies and the latest backlash book while their campuses were being sold out from under their feet.”

  1. Why did brands use the bargain basement strategy for students?
  2. Did they in a way use students as their marketing advisors?
  3. What is it about brands that entrances schools and universities?





Convenience Purchases –

Edamame – $4.29

Honest Cranberry Lemonade – $2.99

Grilled Cheese – $8.99

Justin’s Organic dark chocolate Peanut Butter Cups – $1.99

Destination Purchase –

Parsons Hoodie – $42

From the above examples, it can be seen that destination purchases are more expensive. They are also more time-consuming because of the extra effort required in going to the desired store or counter. Although the convenience purchases seem cheaper in comparison to the other, they are priced relatively higher than in markets outside of the New School.


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