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The lack of unity in our world frustrates me. It angers me and saddens me. Why is it so difficult to understand that “united we stand, divided we fall”? There is so much of treachery, betrayal, theft, crime and terrorism in our society. If we were to unite our billions of brilliant human minds and come together to create a better world for ourselves, how different would everything be? There wouldn’t be as much fear, as much sorrow and as much conflict. Yes, nothing is perfect and an ideal society should be imperfect too. However, one of the crucial steps to a more livable and thriving society is unity. Hearing stories of terror attacks across the world gets me thinking about the origin of all this. Why did it even begin? Now that it has, how do we end it? I want to see more understanding souls in this world. Only they can help bring about a change in our lack of togetherness.

On smaller levels, such as within our University “The New School”, I see an unspoken unity amongst the students, faculty and staff. We are all bound together by our school. It is a part of our identities. There are clashes within this community as well, but not to the extent where we forget our permanent and sacred relationship. I yearn for the unity that exists in small communities to spread to the larger ones. It should spread like wildfire and engulf the entire world.


For any community to thrive, there has to be effective communication and collaboration among its members. Collaboration is the action of working with someone to create or produce something. From personal experience, I can say that collaborating with people who don’t have similar tastes or backgrounds is definitely a task. However, one should take it up as a challenge. I know we have each come into this world alone and will leave the same way. But if we weren’t meant to connect with each other, we wouldn’t be crowding the same planet.

Group projects require proper collaboration among the group members for the group’s successful outcome. Last semester, I was a part of three group projects. Each time I had a different experience. The first time, my partner and I got along really well and managed to maintain great communication throughout. However, in my third group we didn’t hit it off as well. That had an impact on our working process and it could be seen in our final project as well. It made me realize the importance of collaborating with others patiently and understandingly.Without the input of each person, the result cannot be wholesome. Collaboration teaches us to listen actively and speak clearly. It is through collaboration that we can communicate our ideas and thoughts to each other.



I wish our society had more generosity. more kindness and more helpful hands. I understand the need to be selfish to get ahead in this crazy world but there have been times when I’ve witnessed absolute ignorance in times of need. I am a firm believer in karma. I believe that good deeds lead to positive results and bad deeds cause punishment. I know that it isn’t possible to be perfectly good all the time. That doesn’t mean we can’t exchange smiles with strangers, help someone in simple tasks, say a few grateful words or compliment someone. Generosity and goodness goes a long way. I want our society to be remembered for its sincerity.

At Parsons, I have noticed that how sweet everyone was when I first came here during fall last year has slowly changed to indifference now. Living in New York City, where every citizen is running around with his or her own problems, I have felt the indifference to an even greater extent. I crave smiling faces and happiness around me. I wish for this world to grow sweeter.



Our world has grown tremendously in the technology sector over the past decades. Although we now have fabulous machinery and inventions, we have been paying a really heavy price for all of it. Our natural resources are continually being depleted to create all these extraordinary machines and products. I want our society to focus on sustaining these resources. I know that several efforts are being made all over the world to preserve our environment, but these efforts have to increase. The cause and aim need to spread further to each and every human being on this planet. With the many changes in our environment due to human interference, we are experiencing a higher number of natural catastrophes.

At Parsons, sustainability is one of the major focuses. This is one of the reasons why I love going to this school. We are encouraged to use scrap materials and recycled products. I want this sustainable attitude to reach out to other schools, groups, businesses, etc. Without our natural resources, the world will just become an artificial man-made machine.




I’m eager to see growth in all the positive fields. I want growth in the elimination of poverty and hunger, growth in sustainability, growth in the goodness of people and growth in our cultures. I don’t like standstill events in life. I believe that it is very crucial to keep growing. We are here for a purpose. That purpose can only be fulfilled if we keep going. It is essential to have changes in one’s life. They can be empowering or deterring, but they are all lessons that take us forward. Growing by yourself, with someone, and with your family is very important. Support goes hand in hand with growth.

At the university level, growth is all that matters. Students try new things to test their skills and whether they fail or succeed, it all contributes to their individual growth. Most students aim for something big at the beginning of freshman year itself. They know that to get there by the end of their college years, they must grow. It is the enhancement of every one of us.


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