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Paying it Forward in a Post-Parking-Meter World

Recently I was running a particularly soul-sucking round of errands and parked my car in a metered spot. I paid for the meter’s maximum amount of two hours, but my errand only took half an hour. Now, usually I would have been happy to leave a meter with time left in it and, particularly on a bothersome day, would even add quarters for the next person. It’s largely selfish, really, because then the rest of my soul-sucking errands are cheered a bit by the thought that maybe I made someone else’s soul-sucking errands a tiny bit less soul-sucking. But guess what?

My city has made the switch to muni-meters—those robotic-looking machines where you pay on a credit card and receive a receipt that you then place on your dashboard. Good news if you’ve run out of quarters, but terrible news for the parking meter pay-it-forward phenomenon. I actually hung around for a minute to see if someone else would park there so I could hand them my time-stamped receipt. Alas, no one did, and my extra $1.50 slipped right past would-be parkers and into the pocket of the city council—or whoever it is. This does nothing for my soul-sucking errands. Next stop, drug store. Sigh.

And you know what? It’s the same on the freeway: I have a friend who used to always pay for the toll of the car behind her but admits that since she’s switched to the automated E-ZPass, she’s abandoned the practice, whizzing through as a laser anonymously zeeps her toll-paying pass. Not to get too Andy Rooney here, but these days, even doors open themselves! How’s a person supposed to perform a daily act of paying it forward if the world’s going to be so darn automated?










“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” —William Arthur Ward


“The way to develop the best that is in a person is by appreciation and encouragement.” —Charles Schwab


Everything Mom

How did you find the energy, Mom
To do all the things you did,
To be teacher, nurse and counselor
To me, when I was a kid.

How did you do it all, Mom,
Be a chauffeur, cook and friend,
Yet find time to be a playmate,
I just can’t comprehend.

I see now it was love, Mom
That made you come whenever I’d call,
Your inexhaustible love, Mom
And I thank you for it all.

By Joanna Fuchs









Steadfast Heart

I’ve dreamed many dreams that never came true
I’ve seen them vanish at dawn, 
But I have realized enough of my dreams, thank God,
To make me want to dream on.

I’ve prayed many prayers when no answer came,
Though I waited patient and long;
But answers have come to enough of my prayers
To make me keep praying on.

I’ve trusted many a friend who failed,
And left me to weep alone;
But I’ve found enough of my friends true blue,
To make me keep trusting on.

I’ve sown many seeds that fell by the way
For the birds to feed upon,
But I’ve held enough golden sheaves in my hands
To make me keep sowing on.

I’ve drained the cup of disappointment and pain
And gone many days without song;
But I’ve sipped enough nectar from the roses of life
To make me want to live on.









and if

I were to say


I love you and

I do love you


and I say it

now and again


and again

would you say



would you see


the world revolves



its axis


Maureen N. McLane



















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A webpage identifying seven forms of sustainable fashion like secondhand & vintage, on demand & custom made and green & clean. 




My five selected values are generosity, gratefulness, dreams & ambition, love and sustainability. I feel very strongly about these particular values. Generosity is the goodness and kindness around you. Gratitude, in connection to generosity, is about being thankful for all the good things. Dreams and ambition are two powerful values possessed by a person. They define your goals and dedication. Love is what life is all about. Without love for yourself, or for others, there is no meaning to anything. Lastly, sustainability is a rising value of concern. It is out of love for our Mother Earth. These values are interconnected in several ways. That is one of the reasons I chose these specific ones.

From the research I conducted over the past week, I learnt so much more about myself and how I perceive these values. The diversity of the world has produced many perspectives on different values. My understanding of certain values like love and generosity has been altered after reading and viewing the various informational sources. I never thought about the emphasis on monetary connection with the word “generous” until this week. Everywhere I saw posts and images regarding generous donations or generous payments for others. It’s become all about the money, and that is disheartening.

These values are very close to my heart because they are what I live by. My upbringing taught me the importance of being kind to myself and to others, showing gratitude and appreciation, dreaming fearlessly and with tons of courage, loving whole-heartedly and living green. Sustainability however, is not just about the environment. We need sustainability in our social, economic and moral lives as well.

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  1. I love the way you incorporated your sources within this piece! I also love your variety of sources, ranging from poems to videos and blog posts. I think that adds a really great personal touch to the way you see your values being interpreted, and the way they can be transformed into an art form. This is truly beautiful and a great guide.

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