Visual Vocabulary: 01a Idea as Form

Through this form, I tried to emphasize the tomb of the Taj Mahal in India. This form accentuates the beauty and heritage of Indian culture.


The above shape represents the action of joining one’s hands in prayer – a symbolic sign of respect in India.

I have tried to depict a diya (lamp) that is used to signify light in Indian culture. It stands for luminosity, prosperity and joy.

This is a drawn form of the Rupee symbol (Indian currency).

This is an icon representing a plate of laddoos – the most common sweet in Indian culture.

Music is an important part of Indian culture. There are a variety of instruments used like the flute, sitar, harmonium, etc. This image is an abstract form of a tabla – an instrument that resembles a small drum.

The chakra is a symbol of law, truth and dharma (virtue). It is placed in the center of the Indian flag.

Indian culture considers “om” to be the universal name of the Lord. This is a modified version of the symbol used for “om.”

Peacock is India’s national bird. This is somewhat a representation of a peacock feather.

Similarly, India’s national flower is the lotus. The drawing above is an absract image of a lotus with its leaves.

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