Gestalt Primer


In above two drawings, the figures are drawn against a ground (white space). Also the smaller shapes in both appear to be the figures while the surrounding black and white spaces appear as the ground.


The repition of a tri-part pattern is seen throughout the image, which represents the principle of similarity.


The four petals in the top right corner are placed closer to each other, thus forming a group distinct from the singular petal in the bottom left corner. This is an example of proximity.



In this image, the composition of dots in a sequence signifies motion and direction. Each line of dots seems to be moving in a certain direction. Lines can be drawn through the image. This is an example of continuance or continuity.


We automatically envision a mug when looking at this image even though it may as well be two significant shapes composed this way. This is an example of closure, in which our mind automatically completes a picture even without having complete information.

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