Outside Lies Magic

John Stilgoe’s Outside Lies Magic is an eye-opener. It pushses one to literally go outside and just look and observe. I chose to go out on a rainy Monday evening. Everybody was walking around speedily under the shelter of umbrellas or overcoats, trying to get home or someplace dry. With me on the other hand, a rain-lover, walking slowly enjoying every bit of the pleasant drizzle and cool atmosphere. Everytime I walk in the city from school to home and vice versa, I rush through the crowds minding my own business. Rarely do I notice the numerous things taking place around me. That’s how life in Manhattan is. Fast-paced and unstoppable. However, this one walk without any purpose or motives changed my perception. I was now carefully looking at my surroundings. How the trees sway with gusts of wind, how dogs and their owners walk in synchronicity, and how there are all kinds of people out there. Some laughing in happiness, some crying and some just moving on with no particular look. It was a beautiful experience and I hope to do it on a more frequent basis. Yes, it is difficult to disconnect from technology, work, all our tasks, etc. but such moments liven you up and help in ways unimaginable.


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