Assignment 1 | Integrative Studio 2 #1

System of Buying Something Online


What are the patterns, trends and commonalities evolving from your observations?

The most common brand seen is the name of our university “The New School”. With its eye-catching font and color, the name seems to have become a brand that is stamped on every item being sold even if it is not school merchandise. Most of the trends encountered are in regards to student fashion, lifestyle and events. Every flyer, poster, food package, etc is designed in a youthful way to attract students. On reading the text, it can be seen that they are made to meet students’ needs either by providing services, job opportunities, food or other such necessities.

What kinds of structures/realities allow for these patterns and trends? In other words, what causes and allows these patterns and trends to exist?

The fact that students, faculty, staff and even visitors actually pay attention to these trends by following them plays a big factor in allowing them to exist. Students especially, purchase school merchandise to blend with the school, buy cafeteria food, use brands typically advertised by the school like “Apple” to stay with the on-going trend, and respond to the various informative brochures and flyers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

What is the impact of these patterns?  (Which are intended and which are unintentional?)                 

Some of these patterns lead to formation of communities within the student population, which may be intentional. However, this can also unintentionally cause classism. For example, the school advertises trips being conducted for students that cost exorbitant amounts. Students unable to afford such trips may feel neglected, especially if their counterparts on the other hand are able to attend them. Similarly, certain higher priced brands may not be owned by every student. Another significant and definitely intentional impact of these patterns is the promotion of resources or brands provided by the university.


System of Making a Dress


Ghunghat (Indian Veil) | Space/Materiality Fall’18

With “Cultural Body Extension” as one of my topics for Space/Materiality, I created a geometric version of an Indian wedding veil using wood, wire and sheer fabric. I had an excellent learning experience throughout the process of creating this piece. I had no idea how to straighten wire or cut wood circularly. As I expanded my techniques, I realized how thoroughly I enjoyed making this veil. I want to continue exploring new techniques with different materials, especially in the field of fashion. Also, since this project was related to my culture I felt a greater connection with it than with the others. I love and greatly respect the richness of Indian culture, and hope to continue being inspired by it.