I Remember

I remember my mother putting me to sleep with the sound of her fingernails clicking.

I remember having conversations with myself before going to bed, about the philosophy of life. What would happen if this universe didn’t exist? Would it be blank like a sheet of paper?

I remember having sleepovers with my neighbors on a large floor mattress in my parents’ tiny apartment.

I remember swatting the glass of milk from my highchair when I didn’t want to drink it. I think I was an uncooperative kid.

I remember the day my younger brother was born. It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. My first grade teacher called me out of the classroom and gave me the news. I was taken to the hospital, where my parents and grandparents had the biggest smiles on their faces. I was ecstatic.

I remember keeping food in one side of my mouth and refusing to chew it because I didn’t like the taste of it or I just wasn’t hungry.

I remember having nightmares about terrorists for several weeks after the 26/11 attack in 2008 in Mumbai.

I remember the day Michael Jackson passed away. My Dad was very upset. He was a huge fan.

I remember my best friend and I being punished on the first day of school because we refused to stop talking to each other in class. It came off as disrespectful.

I remember the kindergarten t-shirt from 2005 that still fits me. I still go back and visit that school. I loved it.

I remember the blanket my mother bought me many years ago. It was pink with a pattern of multicolored flowers on it. I still keep it with me. I even brought it to New York, from India.

I remember taking the blanket to a weekend music festival where my friends and I were staying in tiny tents. They found it amusing.

I remember refusing to share the blanket with my little brother. I only gave it if he got cold.

I remember explaining to my Aunt that this blanket warms my heart along with my body. She replied with an understanding smile.

I remember the time I lost one of the earrings from my favorite pair. I was devastated.

I remember telling my mother that this pair of earrings was my lucky charm. She thought I was being crazy, but she knew I believed in it.

What is Avatar?

Avatar – An Incarnation of Qualities

The word Avatar has two definitions and I believe that both play a significant role in my life. As the manifestation of a liberated soul as a body on this planet, the word ‘Avatar’ is what I would associate with my faith. The souls I love and trust with all my heart, are the embodiments of God for me. The online definition of Avatar seems to have a stronger impact and value in today’s world. People all over the world are constantly checking others’ profiles on various social networking sites as well as updating their own. Through these icons or images we try to figure out the personality of a stranger or even acquaintance. Computing ‘avatar’ allows one to portray oneself as anyone without having to reveal one’s actual qualities. It’s like a a reincarnation, online.

The idea of Avatar is significant to me in quite a few ways. I don’t know if I’m the Avatar of any particular quality. But I hope that my journey at Parsons will guide me in discovering myself and bringing out the best version of myself. I strive to be the Avatar of the integrated qualities that I admire in my idols, my parents.